Third Person

Michael Bauser is an antisocial media consultant based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He specializes in hand-made HTML, remedial JavaScript, crusading style sheets, and mildly dangerous dinner conversation.

Second Person

Assuming you found this page by accident, you're probably looking for a different Bauser altogether. If you're interested in German plastics, try Werner Bauser GmbH. If you're looking for a good oil painting, see Jennifer Bauser's portfolio. If you're in need of a media consultant, contact Bauser Media Group. If you need a drink, indulge with Champagne Bauser. If you're an electric utility looking for an attorney, contact the other Michael Bauser.

First Person

Back in the day, people with web sites would put up all sorts of unprofitable weirdness for public consumption, and pass it off as "a public service". Truth is, we were just geeks, and we liked to make geekish things for other geeks to look at. This site is where I put the latest and greatest versions of my unprofitable "public services" because I'm just too much of a geek to stop. Bauser.com is now home to The alt.security.keydist Resources page (the newsgroup for people who don't use keyservers), BeerDates.com (the independent guide to freshness dates), Pataverse (the roleplaying site for the old and restless), Lens Filter Advisor (an aid for amateur photographers), and Websnob (the hostile guide to web design). What can I tell you? I'm good with niche markets.